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In 2017, the price of bitcoin surged to a record high, nearly rising forty thousand percent higher than its initial price after its creation. This rare, but extremely powerful, generation of wealth changed the lives of billions of investors worldwide – and furthermore, introduced a new financial concept onto the market. Although the price has tapered off recently, bitcoin is still a massively popular investment trend in the United Kingdom – and it’s not hard to see why. Even with the value being as it stands, the future of bitcoin investment looks bright as the world moves towards shifting our financial transactions online.

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Bitcoins – Explained

In ten years, bitcoin has changed into a more accessible investment opportunity used by everyday traders and professional institutions. It is also quickly becoming an accepted form of global currency in situations such as retail stores, or online retail markets. Traders buy these coins and then store them in their ‘wallets’ or virtual banks. These virtual banks, protected by the exchange you trade from, are becoming the preferred method for holding money – safe from any potential thief in an encrypted location.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is considered a crypto-currency, or an electronic form of currency which has a value fluctuating considerably everyday. This price is determined by the number of bitcoins it is in existence, how hard it is to break these block chains, and the demand for coins themselves in potential investors.

How can I get started?

While it was possible in the past for an everyday computer owner to use their device to mine for bitcoins, this is now no longer the case. Instead, specialized centers/brokers are used to centralize the trading for online-customers. Websites such as ours help users like you become successful traders in no time, almost everyday.

Getting Started

In order for investors in the United Kingdom to begin their dealings with Bit-coin, they first must choose which exchange to buy from, and store their wallets. Currently there are so many platforms for potential investors to choose from, it’s easy to get overwhelmed in the decision. U.K. registered Websites such as Coinfloor and CEX, plus each of our trusted friends, are some of the traditional platforms associated with trading bitcoin, however there are much more. But the traders should be aware of everything while they go for investing their capital in bitcoin trading.