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Every second of the day, a forex trade. Unknown to most people however, is that there are two different types of forex trading. Manual forex traders trade their foreign exchanges by themselves, to their own strategies and observations. This has traditionally been the main form of forex trading, until very recently. Automated forex trading refers to the process of algorithmic trading through software. This software guides its users on where to make trades, and exactly when. The software functions as an expert advisor, and works from the comfort of the software user’s home. Done entirely through artificial intelligence, this practice is changing forex-trading forever and online trading uk

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How it Works

Automated forex tradingis customizable due to the fact it relies on code to function – this means any user who also know coding can easily build their own. However, any beginner can easily get into this as well. On trading platforms such as MT4 and many others, automated forex trading is referred to as ‘Robots’, or Expert Advisors. These platforms offer easy set up for these ‘robots’, and how to create their own scripts.

Any trader using an automated forex system can set up their own scripts focused on averages,where a robot monitors specific trades and functions just as you would in the market. Only, the trader is able to go on with their day with an added peace of mind. One of the best factors of Automated forex Trading is that after the initial few weeks of setting up the script as to how you see fit, all that needs to be done is activate the program. Once it is activated on the platform of the investors choosing, all they have to do at that point is wait and watch the success of their returns.

The Differences

Although manual forex trading has been a long-standing profitable venture in terms of options trading, there are many benefits to automated forex trading. One of them being, no one is perfect and sometimes a bad day could interfere with trading performance. A robot software could avoid this, keeping up a steady pattern of trading based on what you set.

Perhaps the only major drawback of the ‘robots’ is that if they have a failing script, it will need to be tweaked or redone. Since it can be set up to trade in the same manner that you would, the capabilities of these robots relies on the knowledge their creator possesses.

How does it work?

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